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Fairy Tales

I am still devoted full time to caring for my babies. Whilst this has frustrated my desire to do some needle felting, it has afforded me a chance to write (albeit on my phone at the same time as nursing and with some interruption, much like this blog!)

My aim is to put together a collection of fairy tales, each illustrated with a felt picture (either a 2D piece like my fox above, or 3D like my sea maid doll scenes below)

I've always had a fascination for fairy tales, but some of the messages they send to children are a little unwelcome to say the least! Updated versions have attempted to improve the role of female characters, but often the stories have then lost their charm as modern features and language has been used. I hope to retain the magic of the classic fairy tale, whilst featuring strong female characters and role models and an underlying feminist message. 

I already have stories about some villagers who attempt to tame a wild bear, a warning about the dangers of ignoring a woman's advice on marauding giants, a shape changing hare, mysterious feathered deaths and some wisdom from a wise woman!

When I am feeling a little braver, I might publish some here

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