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 There's not been much chance for felting since the arrival of the twins. I have managed to get out on some local walks with the babies though.

With not much new felting happening, I have been looking back at past creations and comparing with more recent ones. Some of the animals are a bit rudimentary, but cute all the same!  It goes to show what a great hobby needle felting is.  As a beginner you can make something with no sewing, pattern or possibility of making a small mistake and having to start over again as with other fibre arts. I thoroughly recommend it if you haven't already tried!

My Etsy shop remains open for orders (kindly packaged and delivered by my partner Rick).

You can also find stock at Handmade New Forest in New Milton, The Factory Shop in Pokesdown, Bournemouth and Forever Green in Moordown, Bournemouth.

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