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Mask Making!

June is going to be all about mask making!

needle felt fox head mask in wool
Full head needle felt fox mask. This is made from 100% wool and nothing else.

Modelling the masks is also a good excuse to dress up (wearing a mask makes having your photo taken much more fun and an excuse to be silly. I highly recommend it!)

needle felt cat mask
Full head cat mask in needle felt

I can see these masks being great for live action role play, festivals, theatre, carnivals and performance art.

Needle felt cat face mask by apulina
Cat Face Mask in Needle Felt

I've been focusing on cat masks as I will be attending CatFest in London on July the 14th. I have managed to rope my partner into wearing one of my cat masks and doing selfies with visitors! One of the charities CatFest is supporting is ERHAM, which works to help street cats in Morocco. There is a video here explaining their work (warning, it is quite upsetting)

Watch this space for some different animal masks once I have got cats out of my system!

Thank you for reading.

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