Weather Tree calendar posters

Colour in posters to record the weather and more!

My colour in weather tree calendars are available as posters and pdfs.  You colour in the leaves to keep a record of the weather for the year. Buy here 

The key is blank, so you choose the colours and what to include in your calendar (rain, cloud, sun, snow etc). Can also be used to keep a record for other daily events, such as progress towards a goal (diet, self-improvement, weight loss/gain), health symptoms, moods, lunar and monthly cycles - anything you can think of which occurs daily!

It's fantastic for children to learn about the weather, seasons, dates and much more. It's great to get them observing the world around them. A wonderful gift for children that's educational and fun (perfect for homeschooling!) If you're stuck for a present idea for other people's children, then this is it!

The Weather Tree Calendar is cyclical and arranged according to the seasons. This means you can start at any time of the year. *It's never too late to start your calendar, get weather records for your area here: *

Weather Tree Calendar Poster Colour